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Community Helpers Visit Tiny Hearts

Every year in December, we like to Pay It Forward. We do that through a number of efforts from fundraising, toy drives, and family adoptions. This year, we wanted to bring the spirit of gratitude into the classroom by paying homage to our Community Helpers. Community Helpers include doctors, dentists, police, nurses, firefighters, and many more. Community Helpers, our theme for December, focused on teaching kiddos about helping professions throughout our community.

We hosted a series of special visits in the Toddler and Preschool Programs by our very own Community Helpers (police, dentist, firefighters, librarian). Children learned about the importance of these roles and were able to express their gratitude to our personal community of men and women who help keep our neighborhoods safe, healthy, educated, and clean. A big thanks to our special volunteers for their service!

Firefighter Visit

Stop, drop, and roll! We want to thank the firefighters from Engine 4 for volunteering their free time to teach us about fire safety. During their visit, they encouraged kiddos to be brave and not be scared of them because of their gear. Kids even got to touch all their fire gear and listen to the siren!

Librarian Visit

While our librarian, Ms. Grace, visits us a few times every month, we could not exclude her from our community helper appreciation post! She always brings the most energy and exciting new stories. This month she taught us all about the different helping professions and even brought some new rhymes and rhythms.

Police Officer Visit

Lights, sirens, and gadgets; Sergeant Current had it all! We had a great time reading stories, coloring activity books, and earning our very own Jr. Police badges. We learned about how all the gadgets police officers carry help keep us safe and even got to hear the siren and see the lights flash as she drove away!

Nurse Visit

Helping is Nurse Nicolette’s middle name! We learned all about how she helps sick babies at the Children’s Hospital. She taught us about the importance of her tools and the many gadgets she uses to on a daily basis. We got to explore stethoscopes, listen to our own heart beat, and got to dress up like a nurse on duty. She also encouraged kids not to be scared of her mask and gloves while explaining that they help protect everyone from germs!

Dentist Visit

We want to thank Dental Hygienist Mrs. Adams and Mr. Crocodile for helping teach us the importance of brushing, flossing, and the importance of good oral hygiene. We had a blast practicing the new techniques on Mr. Crocodile’s pearly whites and went home with new toothbrushes, timers, and flossers to help continue these good habits at home!

Raising a child takes a village and we’re proud to be part of the tribe!

# TinyHeartsTribe


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