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Motherhood: The Before and After

Being a mom is tough. It's not so much about the giving birth part or being responsible for a human being; it's the countless sleepless nights, unlimited cuddles, and more wine than you would like to admit. Motherhood is like training for a reality show where the winner is the most sleep-deprived yet fully functional competitor. In the midst of the chaos and confusion of raising kids, sometimes all you need is a good laugh. Here are 10 spot-on parenting truths to being a "Mom".

Mothers sacrifice from the moment they see those two little lines on that test. They sacrifice theirs bodies, emotions, sleep, and wine all for the safe keeping of this little baby growing inside. As part of our Mother's Day celebration, enjoy these fun factoids about motherhood.

1. You used to smile when you saw a cute puppy on a commercial… now you can hardly hold back tears.

2. You used to put make up on… now your lucky to see mascara.

3. You used to make yourself a plate for dinner… now you just eat your kids’ leftovers.

4. You used to only drink on the weekend… now you embrace the motto “they whine, I wine”.

5. You actually feel compelled to clean.

6. You used to ALWAYS know where your keys were… now the first place you look is the trash.

7. You used to go to the grocery store and shop with a basket… now you come home with a cart full.

8. You used to know people's name… now they are the dog, sister, and neighbor’s name.

9. You used to carry a clutch... now you carry a mini-grocery story with you at all times. Crackers? Check. Wipes? Check. PB&J cut into square shapes? You know it!

10. You used to think silence is golden… now it’s just suspicious.

Happy Mother's Day to all the momma's who work hard for free!

Raising a child takes a village and we’re proud to be part of the tribe!


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