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On behalf of the Tiny Hearts Team, welcome to the family. We are thrilled to add you and your family to the tribe. As a small, family-owned business, we are incredibly grateful to do what we love. It’s your support that allows us to provide a warm and loving community for hundreds of kiddos, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity to serve you and your families childcare needs.


At Tiny Hearts, we like to think of ourselves as an extension of your family and want you to feel “homey" when you are at the Center. For this reason, we have dedicated this page to catching you up to speed with all things Tiny Hearts Academy. Read below for more information as you begin your journey!


  1. Read the Parent Handbook of Policies and Procedures

  2. Complete the Enrollment form, Childcare Agreement / Authorizations, and billing information after reading the Parent Handbook. You must create a Brightwheel account to access and update the information above. Brightwheel is our Communication platform used to provide daily updates, check your child in and out as well as process tuition payment. In order to secure your spot, this is due within three days from receiving your Admission email. 

  3. After we receive your paperwork, please email us your billing preference: monthly or bi-weekly at for processing ✍🏼. 

  4. Provide your child’s / children’s most recent well-being summary and up-to-date immunizations from the doctor. This can be emailed or dropped-off at the Center on your first day. We must have all records up-to-date to maintain enrollment and meet the State's Health requirements. An immunization cheat sheet from the Center of Disease Control can be found here for your reference so that you are aware of the immunization schedule required for enrollment. You can also find the General Health Appraisal form here.

  5. Review your Welcome Letter below. This Letter provides an outline of the Program in addition to the Supply List - a very important list of items needed at the Center on the first day.

  6. Get to know your child’s teacher as listed in your Welcome email under our Teacher Bio's below.

  7. Infant Program Only - please complete the Individual Care Plan. This form can be completed digitally and will help our teachers get to know your child. It will provide us with their schedule, feeding, diapering, and sleeping routines among other useful information. 

  8. Toddler / Preschool Program Only - For special occasions, sweet treats may be offered in the classroom to celebrate with friends and teachers. All sweets will be nut-free and store bought to eliminate cross contamination. Please complete this Sweet Treats Form if you would like to grant permission for your child to participate in such.

  9. Be sure to save our 2024 School Calendar for a list of our School Closures.

  10. And lastly, please email or print a 4x6 picture of your child and family. Our classroom pictures become an important activity for your kiddos social/emotional development. We’d love to add your kiddo to the group of family pictures. 


Programs - Letter

As we ramp up for your admission / transition to our Program, we want to provide you with a Welcome Letter to help you prepare for your next phase. The Letter below provides an outline of the Program in addition to the classroom Supply List. The Supply List is a very important list of items needed for your child at the Center. Please review the Welcome Letter based on your child's enrollment Program.



We take great pride in the trust you've given us to care, nurture, and educate your little one. We're honored to be a part of the family that helps raise a child. We look forward to getting to know you and your child and hope you will enjoy getting to know our teachers overtime. These letters / biographies are designed to help you establish, build, and strengthen your relationship with your child's teacher. The bio's provide you with teachers' education, experience, and some of their favorite things. Consider these bio's the starting point to your relationship. They can also be found on the Parent Boards upon entering their classroom.

Infant Program

Toddler Program

Preschool Program

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